The vessel was launched in 1907 as steam-engined tugboat named „Wilhelmina“ at the shipyard of Duijvendijk (Papendrecht, Netherlands). The following decades saw an intense service as a river tugboat within the Netherlands, whereas the outside character as a tugboat has been kept until the present day. This historical, former professional vessel continues to fly the Netherlands’ national flag and represents traditional navigation in every way. 
Internally, the boat has been regularly adapted to the advances in technology. A 55 horsepower MWS-Benz diesel engine was fitted in 1927 which replaced the original expansion steam engine with 60 horsepower. Since 1938, the boat has been driven by a 3 cylinder, 95 horsepower Jastram diesel engine which – after seventy years - still shows excellent reliability. During a major refit program in 2007 and 2008, all the electrical and sanitary installations were brought up to date and the on-board comfort has now increased considerably. Furthermore, the manoeuverability has improved considerably thanks to a new bow thruster.